Saturday, February 25, 2012

More on Vitamin JWAM

a supplemental video series on Youtube

Vitamin JWAM is a bi-weekly video series being launched next week, approximately 2-5 minutes each, sharing all of the discussions and tangents that you wouldn't get to see in the short 40 minutes that is JWAM.

ALL of these conversations are important for us to consider, art world and outsiders alike. 
Episodes include:

High Art/Low Art with Steve Cromwell
Name of Artist/Experience with Steve Cromwell
Religious Art/Why we study it with Steve Cromwell
Religious Studies with Paul Mirecki
Latino Art/Religious and cultural symbols with Steve Cromwell & Eleanor Heartney
Government Funding with Steve Cromwell
Art/Good Art with David Cateforis
AIDS Crisis/Religious Art with Revd Todd Bruce
Thats religious/not spiritual with Revd Todd Bruce
Regional Religion with Revd Todd Bruce
Pastoral Exceptions/Religious Art with Revd Todd Bruce
Propping up with Revd Todd Bruce
Byzantine Icons/Nike check with Raechell Smith
Guy Aint White with Paul Mirecki & Revd Todd Bruce
Contemporary Art World/Patronage David Cateforis
Other examples of controversy with Eleanor Heartney & Kris Haase
In the studio with Robert Quackenbush

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