Monday, January 30, 2012

The JWAM Reenactments & The Real McCoys

Outsiders and art buffs alike, most all of us enjoy references, like inside jokes. Aren't familiar with some of the works of art recreated in JWAM? Not to worry.

Here's a side-by-side look at our modest proliferations and the moving, arresting, shocking, and remarkable originals.

The Calling of Saint Matthew, 1599-1600
Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio
JWAM Reenactors: Christopher Schrat, Timothy Coen, Russ Pedersen, John Lampe, Coleman Crenshaw, Tyler Ernst, Adam Dreeszen

The Last Seven Words, 1898, F. Holland Day
JWAM Reenactor: Alex Eckard

Heaven and Hell, 1984, Andre Serrano
JWAM Reenactors: Anna Bedinger, Kent Van Dusseldorp

Michael Jackson & Bubbles, 1988, Jeff Koons
JWAM Reenactor: Shaun Teamer

Piss Christ, 1987, Andre Serrano
JWAM Reenactor: Taylor Wallace

The Holy Virgin Mary, 1999, Chris Ofili
JWAM Reenactor: Marion Bailey

Emergence, 2002, Bill Viola
JWAM Reenactors: Wendy Thompson, Bradley Turner, Kelsea Mclean

The Artist is Present
, 2010, Marina Abramovic
JWAM Reenactors: Laura Wymer, Laura Elaine Jacobs

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