Saturday, April 14, 2012

New Vitamin JWAM & Behind the Scenes Stills

Watch the Vitamin JWAM: Weekend Edition 2-part Meditation on Quality in Art!
Featuring Professor Russell Ferguson and Artist Misha Kligman.

View Part I
View Part II

Now for a glance at the making of JWAM

 Shaun Teamer as Jeff Koon's Michael Jackson

 Alex Eckard, playing F. Holland Day, receiving direction from Alyssa Lundgren

 Dancer's Rehearsal night before first day of shooting; Kenny Personett, Kristen Cooksey, Ayla Glass, Emily Shakelford

 The cast of The Calling of Saint Matthew. Russ Pedersen as Matthew; C.J. Schrat, Tim Coen, John Lampe, Coleman Crenshaw, Tyler Ernst, Adam Dreeszen.

 Alex Eckard, playing F. Holland Day, on the sixth word "It is finished."

 Shaun Teamer being shot as Jeff Koon's work.

 Cast of The Calling of Saint Matthew and The Last Seven Words and crew

Director Alyssa Lundgren with Dance Coordinators, Kenny Personett and Ayla Glass

 Setting up the shot for the first West Side Story sequence

 Models Anna Bedinger and Kent Van Dusseldorp in character as Andres Serrano's Heaven and Hell

 The lovely Marion Bailey as the Virgin Mary and crew member Bonnie Thomas

 Taylor Wallace as Andres Serrano's Piss Christ

Bradley Turner and crew member Emily Kissner, fierce.

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